Energy and Functional Yoga October Schedule

Paullene Caraher

Classes are held at the SunBird Golf Resort, Navajo Room, upper level.

Morning: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 to 11:15 a.m.

Afternoon: Tuesday and Thursday, 4 to 5:15 p.m.

As of this writing (Sept. 10), only SunBird residents are permitted to attend group classes. This may change by October.

So, if you are not on Paullene’s yoga email list, please text or call Paullene at 602-292-7858.

Energy Yoga includes tapping and slapping the body to increase movement of blood and energy through the body. This slapping or tapping is an ancient martial arts method of getting the energy, QI, flowing through the body. We do this at the beginning of most classes. It is a good practice for you to do at home to wake up your body and spirit.

Functional Yoga means each pose is done to enhance a specific function of the body. When we open and start classes, we will give attention to building strength and agility.

Nidra Yoga will be done periodically. This is a relaxing and meditative practice to relieve stress. Either lie down or relax in a chair. Listen to Paullene’s voice as your body relaxes and your mind is guided into a restful state of consciousness and awareness. This gives the cells a chance to recuperate while you are quieting the mind.

The bolsters, blocks, pillows, and bands have been washed and sanitized. They were already issued to members who regularly attend the classes.

Please bring your own mat, small pillow, and maybe a towel that can be rolled up and used as a bolster.

The blue foam mats will be issued from the upper entrance and be sanitized when finished and then put back in Paullene’s car. This is the procedure until further notice.

Thank you for your patience.

Remember, new participants are welcome. It’s easy to follow along feeling the camaraderie of shared yoga energy. The class is not free. I leave it to the participants to put a donation in the pot that fits their budget.

How do I sign up? Call or text Paullene Caraher at 602-292-7858 or email [email protected] If you cannot reach me, call or text Peggy Mottel at 480-440-9653.