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IMGA President Bob Clark presenting Ironwood Cup trophy to Jeffrey Cohen

Mike Willinger

Congratulations to Jeffrey Cohen, 2022 Champion of the Ironwood Cup!

The three-week Ironwood Cup was concluded on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 1. The event ended in a tie for the championship, after regular play, between Jeffery Cohen and Mike Scroggins, with the Cup winner decided by a sudden-death playoff. Congratulations to both Jeffrey and Mike for their outstanding play.

Ironwood Cup Flight Winners:

Flight 1: Landry Keith

Flight 2: Mike Scroggins

Flight 3: Rich Pavlak

Flight 4: John Rolfe

Flight 5: Jeffrey Cohen

Flight 6: Don Milberger

Upcoming Events: The three-week Club Championship will begin March 1, with play continuing March 8 and 15.

The Winners Circle:

Jan. 11, 1 Gross, 2 best Ball Net (four-man team)

First place: (AM) Dan Muth, Bruce Wright, Larry Gagnon, William McConnell; (PM) Jon Kuchin, Harry Johnson, Frank Wellwerts, Fred Majerus

Feb. 8, IMGA 1 2 3 (four-man team)

First place: (AM) Ron Rogers, Dale Goodwin, Russell Cauffman, Charles Goodwin; (PM) Dan Kriska, Bruce McCorkle, Stanley Darling, Ted Osborne

In Memoriam: IMGA has lost two longtime members in 2022: Dave Pelz and Kurt Utzinger. Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dave and Kurt.

IMGA Board of Directors: Our welcome to Rich Popham who has joined the IMGA Board as its vice president.