Other Card Results

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6/06. 1st Barb Bade 13-75, 2nd Lydia Kolsch 11-79, 3rd Patty Donahue 10-1, Low Stan Wengrzyn 4- -51, 24 Hand Lydia Kolsch

6/13. 1st Michael Roberts 12-57, 2nd Cherie Dankas 12-42, 3rd Richard Lewin 11-76, Low Lydia Kolsch 0- -79, 24 Hand Carol Douglas, Richard Lewin

6/20. 1st Dan Flicker 13-151, 2nd Bill Bade 10-15, 3rd Richard Lewin 10-0, Low Patty Donahue 2- -106, 24 Hand Bill Bade, Dan Flicker, Michael Roberts

6/27. 1st Pat Donahue 12-96, 2nd Cherie Dankas 11-82, 3rd Janet Messino 11-52, Low Dan Flicker 4- -48


Join us for Euchre cards every Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club.

6/04. Women: 1st LaVaun Hill 65, 2nd Mary Ann Kleitzen 63, 3rd Bunny Sullivan 62; Men: 1st (tie) Konrad Spicker and Jack Rae 64

6/11. Women: 1st Bunny Sullivan 64; Men: 1st Gene Kindle 80, 2nd Hal Newton 66

6/18. Women: 1st JoAnn Evans 63; Men: 1st Hal Newton 70, 2nd Roger Hurley 65, 3rd Konrad Spicker 64

6/25. Women: 1st Janet Mersino 71, 2nd Etta Lakes 70, 3rd Holly Hiner 69; Men: 1st Jack Rae 74, 2nd Dennis Mulcahy 70, 3rd Harvey Mathistad 67

Cottonwood Pinochle

Join us for Pinochle every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Cottonwood Clubhouse, A-7 Painting Room.

6/07. Women: 1st Marline Hinkle 773, 2nd Lydia Kolsch 679, 3rd Sharon Zubchevich 669; Men: 1st Jerome Schultz 822, 2nd Dave Smits 812, 3rd Konrad Spicker 719

6/14. Women: 1st Trudy Alexander 758, 2nd Lillian Look 753, 3rd Jeanne Donatello 705; Men: 1st Ozzie Zubchevich 783, 2nd Dave Smits 701, 3rd Jerome Schultz 674

6/21. Women: 1st Lillian Look 855, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 837, 3rd Collette Dayton 739; Men: 1st Ken Reidenbach 720, 2nd Ozzie Zubchevich 705, 3rd Roger Bergerson 652

6/28. Women: 1st Arlene Burkhardt 755, 2nd Colette Dayton 724; Men: 1st Jerome Schultz 758, 2nd Dennis Mulcahy 742, 3rd Dave Smiths 737


Join us for Pinochle cards every Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club.

6/02. Women: 1st Lillian Look 723, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 597, 3rd Lydia Kolsch 579; Men: 1st Konrad Spicker 770, 2nd Ozzie Zubchevich 757, 3rd Joe Biondo 704

6/09. Women: 1st Lillian Look 733, 2nd Arlene Burkhardt 669, 3rd Betty Echgelmeier 647; Men: 1st Hal Newton 767, 2nd Konrad Spicker 650, 3rd Dave Smits 644

6/16. Women: 1st Bunny Sullivan 710, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 639, 3rd (tie) Sue Stevenson and Arlene Burkhardt 625; Men: 1st Rick Paradee 750, 2nd Dave Smits 725, 3rd Konrad Spicker 724

6/23. Women: 1st Jackie Baker 722, 2nd Lydia Kolsch 688, 3rd Bunny Sullivan 673; Men: 1st Joe Biondo 834, 2nd Ken Reidenbach 667, 3rd Ozzie Zubchevich 623

6/30. Women: 1st Sharon Zubchevich 702, 2nd Marina Fleetwood 673; Men: 1st Dave Smits 776, 2nd Ken Reidenbach 742, 3rd Rick Paradee 706