Other Card Results

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9/05. 1st Barb Bade 13-80, 2nd Eldon Drenthe 12-115, 3rd Onalee Flicker 11-118, Low Dan Flicker 2- -86, 24 Hand Jean Drenthe, 24 Hand Eldon Drenthe

9/12. 1st Neil Olin 13-99, 2nd Richard Lewin 12-51, 3rd Eldon Drenthe 11-88, Low Onalee Flicker 0- -171, 24 Hand Donna Smid, 24 Hand Bruce St. Peter

9/19. 1st Onalee Flicker 12-116, 2nd Lydia Kolsch 11-103, 3rd Eldon Drenthe 10-4, Low Neil Olin 4- -62, 24 Hand Milt Knutson

9/26. 1st Eldon Drenthe 10-74, 2nd Neil Olin 9-49, 3rd Janet Mersino 9-25, Low Ron Mohrland 4- -12, 24 Hand Janet Mersino


Join us for Euchre cards every Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club.

9/03. Women: 1st Bunny Sullivan 69, 2nd JoAnn Evans 60; Men: 1st Harvey Mathistad 68, 2nd (tie) Steve Kauffman and Milt Knutson 67

9/10. Women: 1st (tie) Lydia Kolsch and LaVaun Hill 70, 3rd Ellie Ewish 67; Men: 1st Jerome Schultz 68, 2nd Hal Newton 65

9/17. Women: 1st Arlene Burkhardt 65, 2nd Bunny Sullivan 62, 3rd (tie) Janet Mersino and Etta Lakes 59; Men: 1st Roger Hurley 71, 2nd Gene Kindle 62

9/24. Women: 1st Judy Stoner 66, 2nd JoAnn Evans 62, 3rd Joyce Viveiros 61; Men: 1st Steve Kauffman 73, 2nd (tie) Dennis Mulcahy and Larry Stoner 67

10/01. Women: 1st Lydia Kolsch 71, 2nd Holly Hiner 63; Men: 1st Hal Newton 73, 2nd Milt Knutson 67, 3rd Jack Rae 66

Cottonwood Pinochle

Join us for Pinochle every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Cottonwood Clubhouse, A-7 Painting Room.

9/06. Women: 1st Arlene Burkhardt 702, 2nd Jeanne Donatello 691, 3rd Lydia Kolsch 669; Men: 1st Dennis Mulcahy 784, 2nd Ken Reidenbach 729, 3rd Rick Paradee 669

9/13. Women: 1st Jeanne Donatello 867, 2nd Arlene Burkhardt 675, 3rd Sharon Zubchevich 656; Men: 1st Tracy Callaghan 792, 2nd Steve Kauffman 720, 3rd Ozzie Zubchevich 719

9/20. Women: 1st Lydia Kolsch 784, 2nd Lillian Look 709, 3rd Sharon Zubchevich 690; Men: 1st Steve Kauffman 785, 2nd Dave Smits 729, 3rd Jerome Schultz 722

9/27. Women: 1st Colette Dayton 720, 2nd Marlene Hinkle 708, 3rd Bunny Sullivan 706; Men: 1st Steve Kauffman 682, 2nd Joe Biondo 676, 3rd Dena Brown 667

10/04. Women: 1st Marlene Hinkle 788, 2nd Colette Dayton 786, 3rd Arlene Burkhardt 578; Men: 1st Konrad Spicker 867, 2nd Steve Kauffman 718, 3rd Dave Smits 696


Join us for Pinochle cards every Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club.

9/08. Women: 1st Sharen Zubchevich 804, 2nd LaVaun Hill 704, 3rd Lillian Look 686; Men: 1st Roger Bergerson 752, 2nd Rick Paradee 747, 3rd Jerome Schultz 722

9/15. Women: 1st Joyce Viveiros 778, 2nd Lillian Look 709, 3rd Arlene Burkhardt 686; Men: 1st Jerome Schultz 866, 2nd Dennis Mulcahy 628

9/22. Women: 1st Darlene Thompson 812, 2nd Sue Stevenson 687, 3rd Yvonne Beloney 689; Men: 1st Konrad Spicker 724, 2nd Dave Smits 697, 3rd Dennis Mulcahy 654

9/29. Women: 1st Lillian Look 842, 2nd LaVaun Hill 779, 3rd Sue Stevenson 767; Men: 1st Dave Smits 834, 2nd Jerome Schultz 688, 3rd Hal Newton 675