The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

It is the time of year to really enjoy our beautiful weather, and outside we should be. Did you know that the air inside our home is more polluted than outdoor air? It is a smart and health-promoting plan to create inviting outdoor living spaces that are conducive for wanting to spend time enjoying it.

Every year the Houzz community determines the most popular design projects based upon photo engagement and saves. What are the standout outdoor remodeling design features frequently used by the Best in Design for 2022? Here is our analysis.

Plan the function(s). Do you want an outdoor kitchen? Outdoor dining? A sports bar? A space to host conversation? Play games? To retreat to read or lounge outside? This is how you can customize to get the space you have always wanted but don’t have room in the house.

Define the space. Having a focal point of fire or water is very popular. The space can be defined with placement of furniture, flooring with an area rug, and lighting. The border can be framed with planter boxes, a vertical trellis, wood slat wall, or curtains, which can give a romantic, billowing effect.

Include the comforts. Ceiling fan(s), heater, built-in speakers, TV, beverage refrigerator, pass-through window with bar seating to the indoor kitchen, and who doesn’t want a porch swing! If you have a patio that faces north, our prevailing winds tend to be mostly east or west, so you may want to plan a solution to help curb blowing dust and debris, like a seating wall that will block most but still let the breeze and light in.

Add luxury details. Dress up the frame of the space with stone or tile on the exterior wall and wood tongue and groove or beams on the ceiling. Having a moving glass wall system to open up the interior to the exterior living space is very popular. Splash ample colors, textures, and patterns in furnishings, fabrics, potted plants. Party lighting evokes a fun party or feelings of Christmas. Wall decorations of antique shutters to suggest a window or an antiqued mirror can increase light and make the space seem larger.

Homes can be our biggest investment. It is less expensive to create a comfortable and cozy outdoor room than building an addition. Besides, unused space makes for a poor return. Utilizing more of your property is a smart way to maximize value and, in this case, to improve health, too!

Happy Outdoor Remodeling!

Janet Cook, certified health coach and aging in place specialist, president of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 43rd year), invites you to check out their website for photos and more ideas.