The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

According to a Houzz survey of homeowners who had recently done home remodeling, 87% said it has positively impacted their lives, and 74% said they are happier at home as a result. More people do home remodeling with the goal of customizing their house to facilitate their lifestyle rather than having a priority of increasing resale value. In this month that we celebrate fathers, what do men want to experience in their home?

Highest on the list is having big, energy-efficient windows (74%) with lots of natural light and connection to the outdoors. Also important is having comfortable furniture (70%) to unwind and having ample storage to help keep the space clutter-free to be more relaxing. Forty percent of men report they’re happy having a big screen TV with good sound. One-third of the men said they enjoyed the sound of music in the home as well, while rural homeowners said they prefer the sounds of wildlife. Men report being happiest relaxing in a comfortable living room, and the majority (49%) generally prefer having the immediate family at home more than having friends and family over.

Men want a kitchen remodeling project to facilitate more cooking, not necessarily by them. The scent of baking or of a good, home-cooked meal being prepared makes them happy. Men’s cooking domain is more the outdoor kitchen, separate from the house. For their outdoor kitchen, men want a plumbed sink for easy prep and clean-up, drawers for cooking utensils and platters, bar-top seating and plenty of counter space, their favorite appliances (e.g., grill, refrigerator, side burner, griddle, pizza oven, warming drawer), a recycling and trash bin, ample lighting, a television, and music speakers. They also like having a fire pit.

Men have definite preferences for bathroom remodeling as well. They want their own separate sink station, medicine cabinet, cabinetry, and drawers. They want at least a semi-private space for toileting. They prefer a spacious shower, with some desiring a rain head or steam shower. They request an operable skylight for fresh air, a solar tube for natural light, and privacy that offers solar-powered night lighting. When asked, they also prefer radiant heated floors for comfort. And, again, a television.

Happy Home Remodeling! We celebrate fathers!

Janet Cook, certified health coach and aging in place specialist, President of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 44th year), invites you to check out their website for photos and more ideas.