Wolfe & Associate Team Is Sun Division Champion

The Wolfe & Associate champions (left to right): Joe Commisto, Manager Ron Carmichael, Bob Wicks, Jon Hendrikse, Mike Lebet, Kelly Anderson, Dennis Henderson, Kim Whitney, Kurt Carmichael, and Dave Martin; not pictured: Dick Bleich, Brian Denham, and Dan Melosi (photo by Larry Wolfe)

Larry Wolfe

The Wolfe & Associate-sponsored team, managed by Ron Carmichael, won the Fall Season championship in the Sun Division with a 10-6 record. The Wolves were led by three Top Ten hitters, Dandy Dan Melosi, Big Bob Wicks, and Jon (without an “h”) Hendrikse, and the dazzling pitching of Smokey Joe Commisto.

The Top Ten hitters at the close of the Fall Season were Dan Melosi (.867), Dennis Henderson (.838), Mike Lebet (.775), Bob Wicks (.774), Paul Guyer and Jon Hendrikse (both at .773), Thom Stephens (.768), Marty Hobby (.764), Randy Neumann (.757), and Jerry Smith (.738). Melosi is within striking distance of Reyes Gonzales’ all-time single-season record of .873 set in 2016-17. Marty Hobby and Dennis Henderson led the league in homers with 12, just one more than Melosi’s 11.

Our Winter Season is now well underway. Team sponsors and managers are Camp Hilby (Manager Mike Gloyd), Redeemed Team Realtors (Jon Hendrikse), Spooner Physical Therapy (Sam Giordano), and Wolfe & Associate (Ron Carmichael). For up-to-date stats and Winter League standings, go to the Stats page on our website, www.sunlakessoftball.com.

Thanks to Sun Devil Auto for renewing their advertising banner at the Field of Dreams. They’re one of our longest tenured sponsors, having advertised every year since 2000. Thanks, Sun Devil! A couple of “wishing to remain anonymous” players also sponsored a new inspirational banner at the field. Thanks, guys. For links to all the websites of our team and advertising sponsors, go to the Sponsors page on our website. And remember to support the local businesses that support Sun Lakes!