Energy Yoga classes August 2018 schedule


Paullene Caraher

Experience the benefits of Energy Yoga with Paullene. Classes are held at SunBird Golf Resort, Navajo Room, third floor.

Mornings: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:45 to 8:45 a.m.

Vacation: No classes the first two weeks of August. Morning classes will resume on August 13.

Afternoon classes will start up again in September on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No afternoon classes on Mondays.

Energy Yoga includes tapping and slapping the body to increase movement of blood and energy thru the body. Enjoy exercising your whole body by increasing strength and flexibility through joint rotations and stretching. We do some modified poses, called asanas, such as Mountain Pose, Warrior One and modified squats. These increase bone density. Throughout the hour, we usually cover all the joints and give extra attention to the hip and knee and ankle joints. Yoga in not about being limber but about exercising the muscles and activating the connective tissues and ligaments which hold your body together. Over time, you will get more limber.

Nidra Yoga is done on the second Tuesday for the morning class. This is a relaxing and meditative practice to relieve stress. Either lie down on a mat or relax in a chair. Listen to Paullene’s voice as your body relaxes and your mind is guided into a restful state of consciousness and awareness. This gives the cells a chance to recuperate while you are quieting the mind.

Remember: New participants are welcome; classes are easy to follow along and feel the camaraderie of a shared yoga energy. Bring a donation and a mat. There are mats in the room.

Classes are not FREE. When you receive a service, there is an exchange. I keep it on a donation basis, so the participants can decide the rate of exchange depending on their budgets. When there is no exchange, there is an imbalance and the receiver is the one who is depleted… not the giver. Most are very generous. Some forget and put in double the next time. I am grateful for the donations, and I am very happy I can lead the yoga classes.

I have been teaching these classes since November of 2001. The classes then were based on the Korean Dahn Method, and I still incorporate these Qigong practices. I’ve taken advanced Yoga training since then and provide professional, energetic and healing yoga classes. So, come.

How do I sign up? Call or text Paullene Caraher at 602-292-7858 or email [email protected] or call or text Peggy Mottel at 480-440-9653.