Other Card Results

Tuesday Night Cribbage

Jeff Scott

Join us for Cribbage every Tuesday night at 6:15 p.m. in the Cottonwood clubhouse, A-7 Painting Room, organized by Stan Wengrzyn.

8/03. 1st Bill Bade 10+29, 2nd Jeff Scott 9+48, 3rd Dan Flicker 9+46, Low Dana Keller 4-65, 24 Hand Judi Kilgus

8/10. 1st Frank Even 12+75, 2nd Barb Bade 9+61, 3rd Bill Bade 9+45, Low Judi Kilgus 4-47

8/17. 1st Pat Donahue 12+74, 2nd Barb Bade 12+67, 3rd Bob Mariano 11+29, Low Sherry Alexander 3-65, 24 Hand Rudy Gerstner

8/24. 1st Bill Bade 15+156, 2nd Rudy Gerstner 13+130, 3rd Richard Lewin 9+34, Low Sherry Alexander 2-122

8/31. 1st Judi Kilgus 11+32, 2nd Bill Bade 11+15, 3rd Jeff Scott 10+64, Low Rudy Gerstner 3-63, 24 Hand Richard Lewin

Sunday Night Euchre

Join us for Euchre every Sunday at 6 p.m. in the Sun Lakes Country Club Arts & Crafts Room

8/01. 1st Jeff Scott, 2nd Carolyn Searls, 3rd Konrad Spicker

8/08. 1st Judy Hawkins, 2nd Cindy Hunter, 3rd Etta Lakes

8/15. 1st Konrad Spicker, 2nd Jack Besch, 3rd Carolyn Searls

8/22. 1st Konrad Spicker, 2nd Jeff Scott, 3rd Bill Hunter

8/29. 1st Carolyn Searls, 2nd (tie) Bob Reeves and Cindy Hunter

9/05. 1st Jeff Scott, 2nd Roger Hurley, 3rd Judy Hawkins

Friday Pinochle

Join us for Pinochle every Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the Arts & Crafts Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club.

8/06. Women: 1st Sharon Zubchevich 855, 2nd Terry Porter 622, 3rd Betty Echgelmeier 618; Men: 1st Konrad Spicker 815, 2nd Dave Nutile 748, 3rd Ozzie Zubchevich 655

8/13. Women: 1st Jackie Baker 843, 2nd Sue Stevenson 717, 3rd Betty Echgelmeier 619; Men: 1st Roger Bergerson 795, 2nd Larry Elliott 646, 3rd Jack Bigus 606

8/20. Women: 1st Sue Stevenson 622, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 619; Men: 1st Harry Smelser 880, 2nd Konrad Spicker 723, 3rd Dave Smits 619

8/27. Women: 1st Sue Stevenson 782, 2nd Gleva Wiepking 684, 3rd Betty Echgelmeier 570; Men: 1st Harry Smelser 686, 2nd Jack Bigus 661, 3rd Dave Nutile 644