Sun Lakes Tennis Club Tournament Results

Jerry Vance

Successful tournaments were held with Springfield on Jan. 22, and with SunBird Tennis Club on Feb. 5. Good play, good food, wonderful people, and everyone enjoying themselves. Thanks to Jerry for the pictures, and to Ed, Dan, and Rina and everyone who pitched in. Although we were supposed to host these events (including a third event with Cottonwood Tennis Club on Feb. 19), due to the condition of Phase 1 tennis courts, we had to ask the other clubs to use their facilities.

Sadly, the future of Sun Lakes Tennis Club is in jeopardy. Our club is the original tennis club—over 40 years old. Our members donated to and helped build our tennis pavilion, which has seen hundreds of successful weekend tourneys with guests sitting in the sun in front of the pavilion, watching the play while socializing and enjoying good food. Several Phase 1 clubs and organizations besides ours have been forced to find other venues—a real loss to our wonderful Phase 1 community.

The Tennis Banquet will be held on Feb. 9.