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Anglers gives an additional thank you to our donors

Pictured (left to right) Jerry Bowen, Denene Till and Doyne Cole

We are pleased to add a name to the list of donors. As you can see, the Robson Resort community has joined the following groups that have given the club financial support. The Anglers Club also receives financial assistance from the following organizations; the Sun Lakes Breakfast Lions Club, the Sun Lakes Lions Foundation, the…

Thanks 4 Giving award winners

The Board of Directors of Sun Lakes Women’s Association receiving the Thanks 4 Giving Award; pictured left to right are Charlotte Newberry, Corresponding Secretary; Ann Richards, Treasurer; Carole Elliott, Secretary; Marge Shipe, Vice President; and Sharon Horton, President.

Thanks 4 Giving award goes to Women’s Association

Doug Ross This year the annual Thanks 4 Giving award presented by Sun Lakes Community Church will go to the Sun Lakes Women’s Association. Last year the first such award presented by the church was presented to the Sun Lakes Fire Department. The award will be presented at 9:30 a.m. during the church’s worship service…