September CLGA news

Cottonwood ladies enjoying the Cottonwood Country Club!

Mary Nelson On August 11 the CLGA event was the Orange Ball team event. In Orange Ball, golfers play in groups. Of the golf balls the team members are playing, one of them is designated orange. That orange ball rotates among the team members, changing after each hole. For example, on the first hole Player…

CLGA news and play day winners

O.N.E.S. winners Nancy Gahn and Mary Nelson (not shown).

Mary Nelson On July 14 the CLGA event was a Four Person Team Scramble with a minimum of two drives each person and a maximum of eight drives per person. This was a close match with less than one stroke separating the 1st place team from the 3rd place team. The 1st place team with…

CLGA news

Tracy Rice (left), winner of the July 7 Just for Fun event.

Mary Nelson June 16 play was Cha Cha Cha (four person team event where you take one score net on first hole, two scores net on second hole and three scores net on third hole and repeat thereafter.) The results are 1st place team with a score of 138 was Mary Lu Esget, Nancy Gahn,…

CLGA news

Congratulations Patty Assante for being the only player to beat the pro!

Mary Nelson 5/12. Step-a-Side Scramble Results – 1st Nancy Hermanson, Billie Seiberling, Shirley Edmiston and Cathy Lastofka, 2nd Mikki Rydell, Donna Purcell, Florence Wright and Rita Benfer, 3rd Mary Nelson, Nancy Gahn, Susan Lamb and Helen Jeub 5/19. Criers Results – Flight 1: 1st Susan Hayward, 2nd (tie) Mary Nelson and Mary Anne Lofquist; Flight…

CLGA team shines in East Valley Match Play

1st Net East Valley Team Players: Nancy Howell, Peggy Hoff, Lori O’Neil, Jo Crook, Patty Assante, Mikki Rydell, Vanessa Heimgartner, Paddy Newton, Cathy Bass, Billie Seiberling, Diane Tenney, Terry Gaube, Mary Nelson, Nancy Hermanson, Penny Nowicki and Susan Hayward

Mary Nelson The CLGA Team placed first Net and third Gross during the 2015/16 East Valley Team Match Play Tournament. Congratulations team players! N.Howell, P. Hoff, L. O’Neil, J. Crook, P. Assante, M. Rydell, V. Heimgartner, P. Newton, C. Bass, B. Seiberling, D. Tenney, T. Gaube, M. Nelson, N. Hermanson, P. Nowicki and S. Hayward.…

CLGA news and scores

Our 2017 Match Play Champions are from left to right: Flt 6 Rose Hames, Flt 7 Gloria Combs, Flt 1 Paddy Newton, Flt 4 Joni Hiller, Flt 2 Billie Seiberling, Flt 5 Sherri Butler and Flt 3 Terry Gaube.

Results of the January 5 Assigned Holes Ream Event are the following 1st Paddy Newton, Joan Irwin, Rose Hames and Connie Gray; 2nd Nancy Howell, Trudy Houghton, Gloria Combs and Christy Thomas; 3rd Mikki Rydell, Terry Tyler, Carolyn Agre and Joann Hegel. Results of the 2017 Match Play Tournament on January 12, 19 and 26…

CLGA handicap winner

Mary is pictured with Sean Decker for trophy presentation.

Judy Onken The first big golf tournament of the season this year was our Handicap Tournament. For the first time in recent history, the winner came out of the first flight. This happens so infrequently that our winner went home before all scores were reported in and had to be called back to celebrate. Mary…

CLGA members resume busy fall schedule

Judy Onken We’re back! Bill Todd and his crew have our courses overseeded and in beautiful condition for our golfing pleasure once again. Those of us who are wimps and can’t stand up to the summer heat are thrilled to be back in the friendly confines of the Sun Lakes community. Our November luncheon was…

CLGA 18 hole news

Vanessa Heimgartner scores an ace!

Penny Fox, Publicity Results – CLGA Partners Tournament 2015: There was a three way tie for overall winners at 123: Diane Tenney and Ellie Franklin, Pam Konkel and Jo Crook and Virginia Diers and Diana Ridd. Vanessa Heimgartner got a hole-in-one. Congratulations!